Summary with Steve Bannon, August 31, 2022 (2)

3. The US and China have agreed to cooperate on auditing US-listed Chinese companies. Will the US enforce the oversight?

 It’s another statement until I see the real action. These companies should be de-listed because they don’t play by the same rules as American companies.

 We’ve had a bunch of these types of regulations, but the CCP just doesn’t even put up any number. They tell you exactly what they want to tell you.

 The shame here is that an American citizen of Chinese descent in America, who escaped Communist China, would have a tougher time with more regulations and more requirements getting to the capital markets of America than a CCP cadre member.

 4. The UK government is said to have begun issuing payments for vaccine damage. Why should the taxpayers write the check, not the big pharmaceutical companies that promote the vaccine?

 We’re trying to unwind it by using data and analysis to put forward the case. In the United States, we sealed the vaccine trial records for 75 years. Naomi Wolf and others had to go to court to get those records unsealed.

 The big pharma also cut a deal with the government through emergency authorization to get off liabilities.

 All this is going to change and get revisited.

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