Pandemic Measures Intensified Before CCP’s 20th National Congress

China is enforcing the lockdown restrictions more intensively around Beijing and will conduct mass nucleic acid testing (NAAT) in Tianjin, a port city near Beijing, to clear out the Covid 19 before the 20th National Congress held by the top leaders of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

 These actions occurred as the number of infection cases nationwide had been under control. The CCP government still insisted on the measures of eliminating the Covid 19, which most of the world has now accepted as a common virus.

 Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei Province and a border city of Beijing, required residents of four downtown districts to stay at their homes on Sunday afternoon for three days, accompanied by the mass NAAT. The city of about 11 million people also suspended subway service and stopped the non-essential commercial operations in the lockdown areas.

 Zhuozhou, a border city to Beijing, has been locked down since Tuesday. Xianghe county issued an order of quarantine at home for its 384,000 residents on Friday after an unconfirmed case; the order went beyond the regulation of the recently CCP approved Covid-19 Guidance Manual.

 Hebei Province showed a higher sensitivity around Beijing because Beijing is preparing for the 20th National Congress, the five-yearly conference. Xi Jinping will ensure his 3rd term as the chief Party leader at the meeting, a precedent-breaker for the Party. Xi used a Zero-tolerance policy as a guide during his rule, claiming that it has avoided mass deaths in the places like the U.S., even though this policy has caused big damage to society, economic production, and people’s daily lives.

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