Summary with Steve Bannon, August 31, 2022 (1) “In the August 31, 2022 episode of

Wednesday with Steve Bannon,” Mr. Bannon answered questions on US delegation visits to Taiwan, Hong Kong’s future, Sino-US audit cooperation, and vaccine compensation. Mr. Bannon is the co-founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

 1. What’s your take on the flurry of US delegations to Taiwan?

 A lot of people have seen the mistakes that we made regarding Hong Kong. Now the people of the United States understand the CCP is the enemy of the Chinese people and the American people.

 Marsha Blackburn, who talked about the independence of Taiwan, is verbalizing the position of MAGA or the Trump movement. MAGA believes in a free and independent China and that Laobaixin will ultimately be free, and only the Chinese people can get there, but we will be there to support them.

 There is a big movement of people in this country who are demanding to understand the economic consequences of Taiwan falling, but more importantly want a free China and know that we’re going to start with a free Taiwan.

 2. Recently, the Hong Kong Justice Minister ordered a non-jury trial for 47 prominent pro-democracy legislators and political activists. What is the future of Hong Kong, and what is at stake for the US? What actions will the US take?

 I predicted in 2019, if the West didn’t step up, Hong Kong would be like Czechoslovakia, and the West didn’t stand up. The CCP basically told the West and Great Britain they didn’t care about the treaty or the “one country two systems” that the CCP agreed to.

 Hong Kong is totally under the control of the CCP. It’s a great tragedy until we take down the CCP, and that’s why it’s so important to make a stand in Taiwan. We should cut off Hong Kong from capital markets, so the CCP has nothing to get.

 People should not anticipate the Biden administration doing anything. Remember, the Biden administration didn’t approve any of these trips to Taiwan.

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