Japan has High Probability of Getting Involved in War

On August 31st, Taro Aso, Vice President of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party, said in a speech if there is a war in Taiwan, there is a good chance that the Yoguni Islands of Okinawa Prefecture and Kagoshima Prefecture will be involved in the war.

 Aso said that in the Russia-Ukrainian war, the United Nations has not played much of a role at all. Because of this, Japan must seriously consider how to deal with international political realities. The Japanese people must realize that if the people of one country do not have the determination to save themselves, it is even more unlikely that other countries will come to the rescue.

 In a July 5th speech when Taro Aso became Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister in 2021, Aso said if China invaded Taiwan, Japan should regard the matter as a crisis for Japan. Aso stated Japan has a legal right to defend itself and if there is an attack on Taiwan and it affects Japan’s security; Japan and the United States must protect Taiwan.

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