Whistleblower Movement Exposes Wang Qishan’s Financial Gang’s Eventful Year of 2017

After exposing how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) kleptocrats conduct money laundering around the world, as well as their money laundering agents, such as Zhang Songqiao, Dai Yongge, Wang Jianlin, etc, the fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement discovered that the year of 2017 is an eventful year for Wang Qishan’s financial “gang”.

 Through a live broadcast on Aug 31st, the fellow fighters summarized the significant financial events in 2017, which involve the CCP’s money laundering agents that Miles Guo has revealed over the past 5 years. Through the timeline, the audiences can better grasp how the CCP has controlled the media, manipulated the global financial markets, and how these events relate to CCP’s political infights.

 In 2017, the same year of CCP’s 19th State Congress, in January, Wang Jianlin and Wang Jian, and Wu Xiaohui were targeted by the CCP’s “anti overseas money laundering” campaign, and its Banking Regulation Bureau ordered loan inspections of Wanda, HNA, Anbang Insurance, Fosun, and other companies. 

 However, at the same time, Zhang Songqiao (Cheung Chung-Kiu) as a top-tier money laundering agent of Wang Qishan’s “clique”, his CC Land Holdings Limited (CC Land) purchased the One Kingdom Street office block for £300 million in London.

 In Apr, R&F Properties, another top-tier money laundering agent of Wang Qishan spent £157 million to purchase Vauxhall Square; out of the expectations of people in the political and economic fields around the world, on April 19, the VOA Cut-off Incident occurred during Miles Guo’s interview, the day later became one of the remarkable days of the beginning of the Whistleblower Movement.

 In June, in London, CC Land purchased London’s “Cheese Grater” and obtained a combined loan of £1.2 billion from multiple banks, including Bank of China, HSBC, and ABN AMRO; the same month, in Communist China, AnBang Insurance’ Wu Xiaohui was sentenced to 18 years in prison and fined ¥10.5 billion in Shanghai for fundraising fraud and embezzlement. Also in June, in Dalian province of Communist China, Dalian Court openly heard the lawsuit involving Pangu’s executives, the event was later revealed to be one of the political persecution activities of the CCP towards Miles.

 In July, Wang Jianlin’s Wanda was forced to sell 77 of its hotels to R&F with a discounted price of 60%, a month after, Wanda sold its just acquired London property, Nine Elm, to CC Land and R&F; unlike Wanda’s bad luck, CC Land acquired London’s Gotham City Tower right before the end of the year of 2017.

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