Russia Sends Untrained Civilians to Frontline in Face of Severe Shortage of Manpower

It is reported on Aug 31st, that recent U.S. intelligence findings indicate the Russian military is suffering from severe manpower shortages in the six-month-long war, and it is currently struggling to find new sources of troops to send to the front line.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Aug 25th, which will increase the total number of Russian military personnels from the current 1.9 million to 2.04 million by the end of 2022. In an interview, an American official said Russia is replenishing the shortage of soldiers in a variety of ways, including forcing wounded soldiers back into combat, recruiting from private security firms, or giving bonuses to recruits in order to boost their willingness to serve, or even recruiting from prisons in exchange for service pardons.

 Although Russia has not disclosed the number of casualties since a few weeks after the war started, western officials and Ukraine believed it has suffered heavy loss.

 Miles Guo, the leader of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement, said in his Gettr live streaming on Aug 28th, that Putin knew at this point the result of the war he has absolutely no chance to win, since the tide had turned against him, but he still decreed to conscript more than 100,000 civilians as cannon fodder to die on the battlefield. On the contrary, his lovers and core members of his faction had long sought witness protection abroad. History has proven many times, under authoritarian regime, the common people are always victims of tyranny of dictators.

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