Seeing the CCP’s Future in Russia’s Present

During the live broadcast on Aug. 28th, Miles Guo said that the Russia wants to expand the number of soldiers from hundreds of thousands to more than one million. However, 80% of them are not professionally-trained soldiers and they will be sent to the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield to become cannon fodder.

Miles continued said the Russian military’s repeated attacks on nuclear power plants during the war were despicable and dangerous acts. Half of Europe will be destroyed, and human civilization may end if the nuclear power plants fail. This Russian-Ukrainian war has made it cleared to the world that Russia will lose a crushing defeat, and it will be difficult to escape the fate of being disintegrated after the defeat. Putin, knowing that they are no longer in advantage, still continue to fool one million people into dying on the battlefield.

Miles also said that all Putin’s relatives, friends, and important ones around him are now negotiating with European countries through lawyers or official channels to seek witness protection to avoid being implicated by Putin.

Miles pointed out that when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attacks Taiwan in the future, the families and the illegitimate children of the senior officials in the CCP and the military will definitely reach a protection agreement with the governments in the West for selling the wealth of all the Chinese people in exchange for the safety of their own personal wealth.

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