CCP’s Acceptance of The U.S. Audit Is Their Surrender to The U.S.

During the live broadcast on Aug. 28th, Miles Guo said that in financially speaking, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) acceptance of the U.S. audit is also their surrender to the U.S. Although the CCP claimed within the party that the audit in Hong Kong was able to be manipulated and used it as a pretext in order to continue on fooling Xi Jinping, but there are three basic unavoidable problems for the CCP during the audit.

First, the so-called mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationship in the U.S. and China audit regulation, which is, the United States has the final words on the definition of mutual benefit and reciprocity, not the CCP.

Second, the core of the audit laid in the law, which includes the decision of law firms involved in the audit, the definition of boundary between judicial cooperation and non-cooperation, as well as whether the audit and cooperation are transparent.

Third, the core of the audit agreement is to have an absolute contradiction in the financial and accounting systems between China and the U.S. Since the U.S. has the complete initiative, it is foreseeable that the moment when the CCP signed the agreement, a noose is tied around the CCP’s own neck and would have nothing left but a total failure in the end.

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