President Tsai Ing-wen: Authoritarian Countries Undermine and Threaten World Order

On the occasion of U.S. dignitaries revisiting Taiwan, President Tsai Ing-wen said that Communist China’s military threat to Taiwan is somewhat similar to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Tsai said that both events proved “how authoritarian countries undermine and threaten world order” as she receiving the U.S. delegation led by Senator Marsha Blackburn.

She said that democracies must continue to unite and cooperate in the context of these threats. Taiwan will continue to cooperate with the United States and other like-minded democracies to safeguard the stability of the Indo-Pacific region.

She also mentioned that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this year has shown that authoritarianism is expanding. The Ukrainian people stand up and defend their homeland, which has given the world a major enlightenment that democracy and freedom must be protected by the ourselves. “China’s military exercises around Taiwan have posed a great threat to the current situation in the Taiwan Strait and the region. Countries in neighboring regions, as well as global democratic partners, are paying close attention to this matter. These challenges remind us that democratic partners should strengthen alliances, jointly defend against the interference of authoritarian countries, and work together to safeguard peace and stability in the region.” she added.

Tsai Ing-wen also thanked the G7 countries, including the United States, for their firm international support for Taiwan. She said that although Taiwan is at the forefront of authoritarian expansion, it continues to strengthen its national defense autonomy. Taiwan will continue to cooperate with the United States.

In order to cope with the expansion of global authoritarianism, Taiwan and the United States should strengthen cooperation to create a safer, resilient and stable supply chain. Referring to the negotiations on the “Taiwan-US Trade Initiative for the 21st Century” announced last week, she believed that such cooperation could attract more international investment to Taiwan in the future, and would also provide more incentives for Taiwan to go to the United States for investment.

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