Italian Prime Minister Candidate Promises To Curb CCP’s Expansion If Elected

On Aug 25th, Giorgia Meloni, top candidates for the next Italian prime minister, said in an exclusive interview, that Italy was currently facing the challenges to the West from both Moscow and Beijing. Should she get elected, Italy would not become the weak link in the Western society under her leadership. She would seek to contain Communist China’s economic expansion in Italy and continue to provide military supports to Ukraine.

Meloni said compared with Moscow’s high-profile activities, Communist China appeared to be much quieter, but its penetration was spreading all over the world. She was neither in favor of Communist China’s expansion into Italy or Europe nor in support of the push of electric vehicles in Europe given the batteries of electric vehicles were mainly manufactured in Communist China.

In addition, she believed the real purpose of Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine was an attempt to change the current international order. Under her leadership, Rome would continue their support to Kyiv and make efforts to change the negligible stereotype of Italy in the world.

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