CCP Weaponizing Chinese All Over The World To Support CCP

On August 23, according to media, the Chinese Communist Party is weaponizing Chinese people all over the world to support them to become a force to subvert the West.

The report believes that the CCP has been trying to use the ethnic Chinese population to influence Western governments since Mao Zedong, and Xi Jinping also sees the Chinese all over the world as a unified force. Just at the end of July, in the United Front Work Conference, Xi mobilized overseas Chinese to support the CCP, and encouraged every Chinese to become their agent.

The report warns about the CCP’s attempts, arguing that the regime has been promoting its concept of “owning the destiny and ruling the world”, they consider other governments to be illegal or merely colonies of the CCP. But most of those who fled from the CCP do not agree, except the CCP’s mouthpieces still try to continue promoting this propaganda.

The report calls on the overseas Chinese to be vigilant when asked under the excuse of ethnicity and race to involve in activities that violate the interests of their countries, and avoid embarking on the road of illegal and criminal activities.

The report calls on the international community to clean up and resist the CCP’s various propaganda as it is believed that the CCP’s actions have posed a threat to the international community, including the United States.

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