Russia Fails to Recruit New Combat Units

As reported by Ukrainian media, since the beginning of July, Russian Federation’s attempt to form a new tank battalion has been disrupted in the Nyzhnyi Novhorod region.

Established data shows that out of the planned 160 people, only about 30 signed contracts for military service. In order to lift greater motivation, senior regional officials promise to provide monthly financial assistance from September 1st onwards, in the amount of RUB 10,000, to the families of ‘contract volunteers’ of school children in grades 10 and 11. However, such an incentive measure did not generate a significant influx of youngsters willing to join the war.

As noted recently, Russia has created a new mobilization system, with regional measures implemented on a territorial basis. In practice, new military subdivisions will be formed in each regional unit and the financial budget supported by the regional government.

Representatives of ‘minority group peoples’ and the poorest population fall into special attention of the so-called recruiters. According to Russia’s social research result, these two special groups of the population have the greatest ‘protest potential against Ukraine’ due to the deterioration of the social and economic situation.

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