Daughter of Russia’s Famous ‘Putin’s brain’ Killed by a Car Bomb

According to media reports on August 21st, Moscow officials confirmed on Sunday that the daughter of an influential political theorist in Russia, also known as “Putin’s brain”, was killed by a car bomb on the outskirts of Moscow.

The Moscow branch of the Russian Investigative Committee said preliminary information indicated that 29-year-old TV commentator Daria Dugina died in an explosion Saturday night in a recreational SUV she was driving. No one has yet claimed responsibility, but the bloodshed gave rise to suspicions that the intended target was her father, Alexander Dugin, a nationalist philosopher and writer.

Dugina is a well-known proponent of the concept of “Russian World”, who emphasizes traditional values of spiritual and political thought, in an attempt to restore Russia’s power in the world and unify its peoples. He also actively supported Putin in sending troops into Ukraine.

The blast happened on his daughter’s way back after a traditional festival she attended with him, and witnesses said the recreational SUV belonged to Dugin, who until the last minute decided to take another vehicle.

Dugina expressed similar sentiments as a commentator on national television with her father, who served as editor-in-chief at the station. Dugina had been sanctioned by the United States since March this year because it is believed that she spread false information.

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