CCP Infiltrates U.S. Through Various Channels

Through land grabbing, media partnerships, and espionage in the fields of culture and education, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rapid and unending infiltration has affected the United States.

Fufeng Group, which has close ties to the Chinese government, recently obtained 300 acres of high-quality farmland in North Dakota for $2.6 million. So far, China has possesed more than 192,000 acres of agricultural land in the United States.

On July 25th, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum was clearly concerned about Fufeng’s acquisition. He has raised questions if the land acquisition will affect U.S. national security, demanding the U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to explain on this matter.

Governor Burgum has every right to be worried, as the number of lands owned by communist China has drastically increased in the past decade. Only a small number of nations forbid foreigners from holding farms, which further complicates matters. The billionaire Sun Guangxin who has a close relationship with the CCP regime, has bought lands in Texas with tens of millions of dollars starting from 2016.

In fact, China’s ownership of U.S. farmland is only a part of the disruption, with residential real estate being another part. According to a news report, China now makes up 25% of all foreign capital invested in residential real estate in the United States. For over a decade, the largest foreign purchaser of U.S. homes are Chinese and this has been the phenomenon has not stopped.

Corporate media is also part of the CCP’s infiltration plan. For instance, CNN which is owned by CNN Global, is a division of Warner Bros. Discovery.. This international behemoth of mass media and entertainment has strong ties to China.

During President Trump’s presidency, the administration closed a number of research organizations resembling Confucius Institutes. However, some of Trump’s progress was undone by the Biden administration despite warnings from various Republican congressmen.. Based on an article published by the media, at least 28 previously closed institutes have lately reopened with new identities.

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