Decisions Made by Xi Jinping at the Beidaihe Conference for the Next 100 Years

In the live broadcast on August 21, Miles Guo said that Xi Jinping’s recent visit to Northeast China was a result of the Beidaihe Conference. At this year’s Beidaihe Conference, the top leaders of communist China identified the core objective for the next five, ten, and century years, namely, to revitalize Northeast China and build it into a world industrial complex center for the next 100 years.

One of the key decisions made at this year’s Beidaihe conference was that the CCP must find ways to obtain resources that Russia refused to sell to the CCP, including engines, raw materials, technologies, and especially Russian energy resources, such as natural gas and oil.

The next move is to open up the northern and eastern European routes of the “Belt and Road initiative.” And expand the agricultural zone of the three northeastern provinces further north for 2200 kilometers, starting from Vladivostok to Siberia, which will gather Russia’s timber, energy, and agriculture supplies.

Then they will open four railways, with the Middle East’s east, middle, and west lines connecting to the European continent’s railway lines. Thus, 4 billion people in Asia and 500 million in Eastern Europe will be linked together to build a new market. The technologies and markets of BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization members will be linked together as well. Also, the CCP will use the digital RMB to challenge the USD and EUR.

The CCP hopes that Russia will be completely defeated in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The worse Russia gets itself entangled in the war, the better the chance for the CCP to build such a new ruling regime. This is CCP’s so-called “seizing the historic opportunity”. The CCP will move north, stay away from the west, and try its best to avoid a dire conflict with the US in the Taiwan Strait.

At present, it seems that the CCP’s attempt to attack Taiwan has been postponed because it does not dare to fight and has no chance of winning. After the Beidaihe Conference, Li Keqiang’s trip to the south was to appease the public and Hong Kong. These two get along well without any issues and have nothing to do with political infighting.

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