CCP Carries out Energy Stress Test as Sichuan Launches First-Level Emergency Response

According to a Media report on August 21, Sichuan Provincial Energy Supply Guarantee Emergency Command Leading Group Office issued a notice: the “Emergency Plan for Energy Supply Guarantee in Sichuan Province (Trial)”. By provisions stated in the plan, on August 21, 00:00, Sichuan province will start the Sichuan Province first-level emergency response to guarantee energy supply for emergencies.

This is the first time since the General Office of the Provincial Government issued the “Emergency Plan for Energy Supply Guarantee in Sichuan Province (Trial) ” in January 2022 that Sichuan had to launch the highest level of emergency response.

According to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), since July this year, Sichuan Province has faced severe extreme weather of the highest temperature in the same period in history as well as the lowest rainfall in the same period history, and the highest power load in the same period in history.

CCP uses all available means to maintain its evil ruling. The CCP virus has put the whole world in fear, the CCP virus vaccine has brought human beings to hell.

The launch of the first-level emergency response for energy supply guarantee in Sichuan is, in reality, an urban energy stress test conducted by the CCP. However, this is just the beginning of the series of disasters. The CCP is facing decoupling from other economics, which will lead to a series of catastrophic knock-off problems in politics, economics, technology, and livelihood. All of which would lead to domestic social unrest – the biggest problem facing the CCP.

The CCP energy stress test in Sichuan province is only the first step. Once the stress tests became a norm, a longer period of water and electricity outages will follow and brings the society back to the Stone Age at once. CCP is guiding the people to adapt to this change little by little. Miles Guo has already warned earlier in his broadcast that it is better for people to go to small cities, small counties, or, better to the countryside. In the turbulent period before the destruction of the CCP, survival is should be the priority.

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