U.N. Report: Abuse of CCP to Uyghur and Minorities Equals Modern Slavery

According to a report on August 17th, a new report of U.N. claimed that there is a reason to make the conclusion Uyghurs and other minorities have been suffering from forced labor and other unhumanitarian punishment by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

 This report compiled by the U.N. expert Tomoya Obokata, has likened the forced labor condition of the Uygur, Kazakhstan, and other minorities to the contemporary of slavery system, especially in agriculture and manufacture industries.

 Obokata introduced in detail on the classification of double-system measure of Uyghur and other people forced labor by communist China. One system is the professional technique education and training center. Under this system, a minority person was retained and forced work assignment. Another is the poverty alleviation by the labor transferring system, in which surplus rural labors are transferred to work in the secondary or tertiary industries.

 According to reports, in the past 5 years, there are more than 5 million of Muslin People (mainly Uyghurs) retained in the “re-education “center. In 2020, the CCP’s embassador in London said that these centers “meet with the principles and spirit of U.N. compiled documents”, the communist government, lied in front of the entire world, said concerning of the forced labor is misunderstanding the measure of alleviating poverty.

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