Taiwan Holds Opposing Military Drills Amid Current Tensions

It was reported on August 17th that Taiwan, under the current threat of round after round of military exercises by Communist China, held military exercises to demonstrate its ability to counter China’s forcing it to accept the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s political control.

The exercise began in southeastern Hualien County on Wednesday, “We strongly condemn Communist China’s continuous military provocations around Taiwan’s sea and air that undermine regional peace, Communist China’s military operations just provide us with the opportunity for combat-readiness training,” Taiwan Defense Ministry spokesperson Sun Li-fang told reporters at Hualien Air Force Base.

The CCP accuses the United States of encouraging Taiwan’s independence by selling arms to Taiwan, while the United States says the United States does not support Taiwan’s independence and has no formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan. However, the legal principle must ensure that Taiwan can have its own defense capabilities.

In addition to military exercises, Taiwan has played down Communist China’s military exercises as much as possible. The lives of Taiwan’s 23 million people are still normal, even though Taiwanese have been living in the CCP’s war clamor for more than 70 years.

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