The CCP Virus Vaccine Manufacturers Skipped Animal Trials

Mainstream media, including Reuters and Associated Press, Tried To Quell the claim that the CCP virus (COVID-19) vaccine manufacturers skipped animal trials due to animals dying.

During a hearing by the Texas State Senate, Texas Senator Bob Hall asked pediatrician Angelina Ferrella about the issue and verified that before the start of human trials, the vaccine trials on animals were not fully completed. All tested animals were killed in euthanasia after seven days of receiving the vaccine, meaning no one can be sure about the long-term effects of the vaccine for animals, let along humans.

Moderna and Pfizer were indeed given approval to simultaneously test their vaccine on animals and conduct phase 1 trials on humans. However, both companies did not complete the full animal tests before moving to human trials.

Besides, even if the mRNA technology were safe when tested alone, the result could be completely different when that technology is mixed with a virus.

In April 2021, affirmed that animal trials on mice had already been completed, and all mice indeed died. But the cause of death was that they were euthanized after seven days of receiving the vaccine, which is the “standard procedure in this sort of trial.” However, this “standard procedure” leaves mysteries about the long-term side effects of the CCP virus vaccines.

No one really knows the long-term side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, as all tested animals were euthanized in seven days. The animal trials were not complete before the tests were conducted directly on humans. Why did mainstream media, big pharma, and governments try to cover up the fact that they skipped animal testing but directly tested on humans? Did the colossal profit behind COVID-19 vaccines make these people abandon basic conscience?

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