Technology Decoupling Puts China in a Dangerous Position

On August 14th, Mr. Miles Guo said that China has not fulfilled any of the promises it made to the West after joining the WTO in 2010. Among the promises were financial and technological liberalization, as well as no longer subjecting Western foreign companies to Chinese regulation. The West didn’t transfer all its technology to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), such as chips and lathes. It is only through theft that the CCP was able to obtain them.

In terms of healthcare resources, the US has over 10,000 hospitals serving 350 million people, most of which are of world-class quality. In Japan there are 15,000 hospitals serving 100 million people, of which 5,000 are well equipped hospitals. Even Abu Dhabi in the UAE, a city of only 200,000 people, has several world class hospitals. Compared to other countries, China has only 3,000 hospitals serving 1.4 billion people, and 2,000 of the 3,000 hospitals do not meet international standards.

There is a significant amount of American medical equipment in Chinese hospitals, and the software technology EDA (Electronic Design Automation) for the equipment is indispensable. Besides medical applications, this technology is also used in aircraft, trains, space exploration and, most importantly, in the design of national military applications, such as nuclear engineering and weapons development. There is no alternative self-developed technology that can be substituted by China. As the DNA of modern technological development, EDA is essential. Decoupling of EDA is the beginning of technology decoupling and the dismantling of China’s modern technology Ponzi scheme.

In the absence of software and hardware support, Chinese people’s modern daily life would collapse. As opposed to North Koreans, who have long lived in poverty, the Chinese would find it unbearable.

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