ROK Armed Forces Encounters 239,353 Confirmed CCP Virus Cases

According to news from Korean media on August 15th, the Republic of Korea Armed Forces stated that as of 2 pm on the same day, the cumulative number of confirmed new CCP virus cases (COVID-19) in the military was 239,353. This includes 962 newly reported CCP virus cases in the last day.

Among the confirmed cases, 11,653 patients are currently being treated and managed.According to the military classification, the army added 652 new CCP virus cases. In addition, 152 members of the Air Force, 74 members of the Navy, 44 members of the Ministry of National Defense, 37 members of the Marine Corps, and 3 members of the ROK/US Combined Forces Command (CFC) have been confirmed contracting the CCP virus.

This is the first time since August 1st (971 people) that the number of new confirmed CCP virus cases within the military has fallen below 1,000 in two weeks. However, it was also pointed out that after the weekend (August 13th and August 14th), the number of tests in the military has decreased, as the number of confirmed cases may decrease, so it is “necessary to further observe the future development trend.”

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