Communist Chinese Research Vessel Expands Suspected Spy Operations in Indian Ocean and Southern Sri Lanka

It was reported that a Communist China research vessel entered a southern Sri Lanka port in the Indian Ocean on August 16th. India, the United States and other countries are on red alert, because they believe that Communist China is expanding its intelligence and research operations in the Indian Ocean.

The port was built with a significant loan from Communist China, but after Sri Lanka failed to pay its debt payments and fell into a so-called “debt trap,” Communist China took over control of the port for the remaining 99 years. The United States and India have been concerned about the port becoming a Communist Chinese military base, and the entry of research vessels has caused a sense of urgency for these two countries.

The Wickremesinghe government which took power last month, initially requested a delay in the Communist Chinese research vessel’s arrival into the port but then changed its position and allowed it in.

The Communist Chinese military’s Yuan Wang 5 is referred to as a “spy ship” among the media in India and other countries. However, the Communist Chinese government emphasized that the ship will only be used for maritime scientific research and will not affect any other country’s economic or security interests.

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