China’s Shanghai will Reopen Schools with Daily Covid-19 Testing

China announced that after months of Covid-19 shutdown, that Shanghai city will reopen all elementary, middle and high schools, Kindergartens and Nurseries on September 1st.

According to a statement revealed on Sunday by Shanghai’s Board of Education, the city will require all teachers and students to take a daily the nucleic acid testing of Covid-19 before leaving schoolyards. It also calls for 14 days of conducting “self-healthy management” across Shanghai city before schools reopen.

Shanghai closed all schools in the middle of March and then imposed a two-month lockdown, in response to the worst Covid-19 outbreak in April and May. It allowed high school and middle school students to return to class in June, while the rest of continued to study at home for the remainder of the semester.

The most populous city of the China reported 5 new causes of local infection Covid-19 on Saturday, all asymptomatic; while the whole of the country reported 2,467 domestic transmission cases. Authorities announced, it has extended the weekly Covid-19 testing requirements through the end of September in order to contain the virus.

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