Paul Hastings deletes web contents of cooperating with Chinese Communist Party is destruction of crime evidence

It has been more than a month since July 7th, 2022, the “American Trustee cooperation” suddenly replaced Miles Guo estate trustee to Luc A. Despins of Paul Hastings LLP. On July 9th, after the revelation of P&H’s extensive businesses with Communist China state enterprises, these links which are related to such companies like Hainan Airlines, Binance, Ping An, etc. all show 404 on Paul Hastings official website. It is obvious that Paul Hastings is showing that a guilty conscience needs no accuser, and Paul Hastings deleted these websites, trying to destroy evidence.

The salient point is that Paul Hastings did not destroy all the evidence, and there are several “deleted” articles can be found through google key words searching: Hannan Airlines acquires Oki’s property package of golf place in Seattle. Binance acquires Coin Market Cap; Ping An of China established a joint venture company for U.S. real estate investment. Paul Hastings has branch offices or representative offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. Since 2005, most of its business and revenue comes from working with hundreds of Communist China companies, with PAG, CTBC Bank, Air China, Guosen Securities, China Pacific Insurance Company, HNA Group and Ping An Group as its main clients.

And a recent search of Paul Hastings official website for China Trust Commercial Bank, Air China, Guosen Securities and China Pacific Insurance Company turned up nothing, so apparently Paul Hastings has continued to destroy evidence. There has been countless evidence of major conflict of interests between Paul Hastings and Miles. Paul Hastings’ deleting evidence of its collusion with the CCP not only does not exonerate its close ties with the CCP government, but further proves the fact that Mr. Guo was framed by the CCP. Following the Communist Party into the crematorium, Paul Hastings and Luc’s madness today will absolutely bring them to extinction as well.

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