Have Faith in Justice; CCP’s Evil Deeds Will be Exposed

In a GETTR video, Miles stated that his bankruptcy case has already involved racial discrimination, judicial corruption, and foreign infiltration in the United States. The CCP is now using the exact same tactics as when it attempted to deport him back to China in 2017. Paul Hastings and Luc Despins will surely move forward in his bankruptcy case with recklessness and arrogance.

However, the U.S. is not completely infiltrated by the CCP, and all the framing of him by the CCP through manipulation of various cases will leave a trace. The truth about this bankruptcy case and the related article forwarded by ZeroHedge will eventually come to light and expose a bunch of evil people to the world. Also, the racial discrimination, arrogance, corruption, bureaucracy, and especially the manipulation by foreign powers in the U.S. legal system will be brought to light.

Miles says that he is like a magic mirror to expose the ugly deeds of those who are evil.

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