The CCP Adjusts Its Stance on Taiwan

It was reported on August 10th that after several days of military exercises around Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) released a new white paper on Taiwan, in which a long-standing commitment was withdrawn. The commitment stated that Communist China would not send troops or administrators to Taiwan if it takes control of the island.

 In addition, the document also declared “zero tolerance” for Taiwan’s “separatist activities” and said the CCP “will not renounce the use of force”.

 Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) swiftly issued a statement condemning and protesting the CCP’s new white paper for disregarding international law.

 Taiwan insists that neither side of the Taiwan Strait has jurisdiction over the other, and firmly opposes the “one country, two systems” principle, the MAC said in a statement and added that this is the status quo and the current reality in the Taiwan Strait.

 The MAC stated that Taiwan has never been a part of the People’s Republic of China, and only the 23 million Taiwanese people can decide the future of Taiwan.

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