China’s “White Paper on Taiwan Reunification”

After Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the Chinese Government conducted bombing exercises in the Taiwan Strait. This was to intimidate Taiwan, but brought a lot of criticism from other countries as well. On August 10th the Chinese Governments, Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, released a white paper titled ‘The Taiwan Issue in the New Era and the Great Cause of China’s Reunification’.

 The white paper said peaceful reunification, one country, two systems is the policy for resolving the Taiwan issue and the best way to achieve national reunification. The white paper went on to say, if needed China will not give up the use of force to meet its goal of reunification.

 Regarding Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the white paper says China must expose and condemn the U.S. political conspiracy to prevent reunification. China’s President Xi’s plans increasing military pressure on Taiwan, by using military exercises and now the white paper to force reunification of China and Taiwan.

 The Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of North Korea sent a letter of solidarity to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCP) on the Taiwan issue. The letter expresses full support for the CCP concerning Taiwan and is seen as an attempt to strengthen it relations with North Korean.

 The Taiwan authorities issued a statement strongly protesting the Mainland Affairs Committee who oversees China’s – Taiwan’s policies. Taiwan authorities said China uses force to create pressure and threatens Taiwan, and is violating international law concerning the Taiwan Straits. Since Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the CCP has increased traffic crossing the middle of the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan considers this aggressive behavior on the part of the CCP. Taiwan has said they will continue with the policy of non-subordination when it comes to the Taiwan Strait and they oppose one country, two systems put forth by the CCP.

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