CCP’s Military Exercises to Deter Taiwan Show Its Paper Tiger Nature

China’s PLA Eastern Theater Command conducted long-range live-fire drills in the Taiwan Strait. Precision strikes were conducted on specific areas of the Taiwan Strait, with 11 missiles launched in two hours and multiple missiles flying over Taiwan.

The battalion commander of an artillery brigade in the Eastern Theater Command said, “As long as the commander-in-chief gives the order, we will resolutely ensure that the artillery listens to the Party and use precise firepower to defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The 72-hour “lockdown military exercise” which the Chinese Communist Party claimed to have started, was announced to have ended successfully after the firing, and the relevant air and sea area control was lifted.

During the US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the CCP-run propaganda machine was also whipping up national sentiment and foreign hatred. The majority of brainwashed Chinese will continue to be patriotic and forget all the human disasters the Party has brought about.

Having said that, Pelosi’s historic visit to Taiwan has exposed the nature of the CCP as a paper tiger. The global wave of anti-communism will grow stronger and stronger until the Chinese Communist Party’s demise.

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