CCP (a “hot air” party) Canceled Three China-US Military Engagements

On August 8, Xinhua News Agency in Beijing reported that Wu Qian, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), answered reporters on the three canceled press conferences on the China-U.S. military communication activities and hyping-up reporting by the U.S. media to the following question.

CCP has recently announced eight countermeasures as a result of Pelosi’s official visit (claiming it is a sneaky act) to Taiwan, including the cancellation of three programs on U.S.-China military dialogue exchanges. Some U.S. media have reported that U.S. senior military officials had attempted to contact CCP military leadership numerous times but have not been answered. Could you comment?

Wu Qian said that the current tense situation across the Taiwan Strait is entirely the result of the U.S. initiative and provocation, for which the U.S. must bear full responsibility for the serious consequences. He said that CCP (China) admitted that it has tried repeatedly to negotiate with the U.S. over Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, but ultimately to no avail, and has run out of options.

Wu Qian said the announced eight countermeasures, also included the cancellation of phone calls between the two military leaders at the theater command level, the cancellation of working meetings between the U.S. and Chinese Departments of Defense, and the cancellation of meetings of the China-U.S. Maritime Military Safety Consultation Mechanism.

Wu Qian said the U.S. is looking for excuses to cover up erroneous wordings and provocative actions, and even hyping it up to confuse the public and shift the blame to CCP. He said CCP objects to this behavior vigorously. CCP urges the U.S. to give up the illusion of “managing China with Taiwan” and not to continue down this erroneous path.

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