Soaring Energy and Inflation in Germany will hit the most Vulnerable

As for Olaf Bruhl, a citizen of Berlin in Germany, nothing can be more important than the news of the soaring prices. As expected, after seeing an energy company’s 133% rising-price plan Olaf Bruhl stated that it is ridiculous, and who can afford it?

He also commented about how should he can pay for this extra spending, that it has exceeded his ability range. According to their current expenditure, there is little money to spend at the end of each month.

Bruhl also complained, that from food such as tea, milk, bread, and vegetables to routine living products as well as house rent, every expense has increased.

In his words, food price has risen in most of the places. That is our most worrying thing. In addition, there are water, electricity, etc., and additional fees. Recently, every product’s price has risen at different levels. He used to spend $50 on food each week in the past, but now he has to pay at least $70 on food for his weekly meals.

Bruhl had to reduce his spending to deal with the growing price, such as trying to shop in the bargain supermarket and choosing discounted products, reducing the times of going out to the coffee bar, cinema, and entertainment activities. It has become a luxury desire to shop new clothes and travel.

To Bruhl, he can still cope with the current situation, but his most concerned his ability to pay for his house rent if the commodity price continue to rise.

Berliner Olaf Bruhl mentioned a neighbour who had insomnia from worrying about paying her house rent. She worried so much that she would become homeless, hugely impacting her physical health. I also have the same concern as her. If I could not afford to pay the house rent, I wouldn’t know where I should go to live. According to the German Government’s data, rising energy prices bump high inflation rate. She is hoping that the German Government could lift the sanction on Russian energy as soon as possible to ease the burden on citizens. Olaf Bruhl: It is necessary to recover the supply contract with Russia and terminate the counteraction and sanction to Russian energy.

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