Hainan Province begins a new wave of CCP Virus lockdown

On August 6, local time, the official media of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) reported an outbreak of Covid-19 (CCP virus) infections in Hainan Province, with the most serious outbreak in Sanya of Hainan Province. The Chinese Communist Party’s “national task force” rushed to Hainan to enforce the so-called epidemic prevention and control work. According to the current requirements of Sanya city’s administration, the city is now under a state of mandatory lockdown.

Mandatory lockdown measures include, suspension of public transportation, nucleic acid testing throughout the entire Hainan province, and all flights in and out of Sanya are being cancelled or not allowed carrying passengers. All travellers and local residents who have been in Sanya since July 23rd are not allowed to leave.

According to reports, about 80,000 travellers are currently stranded in Sanya. Local bus and air ticket prices have skyrocketed and tickets are hard to come by. Miles Guo, the leader of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement had broken the news on August 5 that the CCP would most likely carries out another round of biological warfare against the international community, that is, to release more virus all over the world again. This time, the virus might be manifested as some diseases originated in the Middle East such as mutation of a camel disease, a type of desert lizard disease, monkey pox, smallpox, etc. He pointed out that if that happen, this new wave of epidemic will start from the Middle East and eventually spread globally.

The Chinese Communist Party has a bad track record of taking various measures to conceal the truth about the virus. For instance, the major crackdown and defamation on scientists who dare to speak the truth through the mainstream media, and took all possible measures to prevent the international community to investigate the origin of the CCP virus, etc. While the CCP released the virus globally, it also deliberately released the virus domestically to create an illusion that China is also suffering from the virus. This emergency closure in Hainan may be a prologue of another epidemic that the CCP will once again unleash on the world.

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