The CCP tampered with textbooks and dared not admit that Hong Kong had sovereignty during the British colonial period

The Hong Kong government tampered with the secondary school curriculum earlier, replaced Liberal Studies with “Civic and Social Development”, and the content of textbooks was also changed. In the subject of Hong Kong history, it is clear that Hong Kong was never a British colony. The Education Bureau has uploaded an article on its website today, which explained the official version of the history, stated that the ceremony on July 1st, 1997 was not a “handover of sovereignty” but a “handover of power” and claimed that the use of the term “colonial” is inappropriate.

 In 1860 the Qing government signed the Beijing Treaty with Britain which ceded the Kowloon Peninsula to Britain. In 1898, the Qing government signed the Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory in Beijing, agreeing to lease the New Territories area from the north of Kowloon Boundary Street to the Shenzhen River and 235 islands to Britain for a period of 99 years. From then on, the Qing government can no longer exercise the powers of politic, economy, military and diplomacy in Hong Kong, but replaced by Britain. Thus, for a period of 136 years, Hong Kong was a veritable British colony. Historical materials proved that without the consent of the British government, the prosperous Hong Kong Island and Kowloon will still be under the governance of the British.

 The British government treated Hong Kong as its own and elaborately made Hong Kong into an international city, which benefited both British and Hong Kong residents. Comparing with the mainland cities under the dictatorship of the CCP, Hong Kong, the differences are huge. After the fall of the Qing government, during the Second Sino-Japanese War and Cultural Revolution there were a large quantity of mainland China citizens migrating and smuggling to Hong Kong, British government gave all these immigrants resident status, their descendants have become one of the main populations of Hong Kong.

 Until now, Hong Kong, the only city in China with democracy, freedom and the rule of law, has been subverted to be a dead port by the CCP. The huge gap between the two makes more people reminisce about the period of British governance. The Education Bureau has tampered textbooks to deny Hong Kong has been colonized by Britain, which just wants to erase the achievements of the British government in building Hong Kong, let alone facing the fact that Hong Kong once was a city with sovereignty.

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