TikTok’s Ties to the CCP are Under Fire in UK and US

It is reported on August 3rd, that due to its association with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), TikTok has increasing concerns about personal data privacy and national security in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The UK parliament on Wednesday closed its TikTok account after MPs expressed concern over the social media app’s ownership by Chinese parent firm ByteDance. A parliamentary spokesman said the decision to close the UK parliament’s TikTok account early was based on feedback from members of parliament.

The objections were led by a group of MPs sanctioned by the CCP for speaking out against alleged human rights abuses. The decision was welcomed by former Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan Smith, sanctioned by the CCP.

A growing number of US lawmakers are calling on the government to take action against TikTok, citing ties to the CCP and ByteDance, which have clearly raised national security and data privacy concerns. According to reports, a TikTok employee revealed that all private data of TikTok users can be seen in China and data has been repeatedly accessed.

Miles Guo, the founder and leader of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), and the Whistleblower Movement, warned the world in 2019 that the CCP uses TikTok to collect personal privacy data. In the live stream on June 29th this year, Miles said that all media software controlled by the CCP, including TikTok app, would be banned by the United States through legislation.

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