Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan is Full of Praise and Support but Infuriates CCP

On August 2, 2022, American media listed the elimination of a notorious terrorist group leader and Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan as the first and second headlines on the front page, what does this entail?
First of all, the trip to Asia of the US House of Representatives delegation headed by Pelosi is the highest-level government state affairs and collective actions of the US government, rather than Pelosi’s personal behaviour and private affairs as claimed by the CCP. Pelosi must also be escorted under America’s law, regardless whether the US military agrees or disagrees with her decision.
On the issue of Pelosi’s trip to Asia, the CCP first made a lot of aggressive speeches, and then practiced military exercises to “show off its muscles”. The CCP demonstrated exercises including aircraft carriers, fighter jets flying in formation, paratroopers, jungle operations, land-sea operations and surface-to-air operations. The utterly brain-washed CCP-supporters, also known as “little pinks” by many oversea Chinese, are getting extremely worked up. They appear to be furious about Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan and swear “the great Party (CCP) and motherland” will “kick America’s ass” and “protect China’s territorial integrity.
At this critical moment when public opinion is rampaging, US President Joe Biden suddenly announced on August 2 that the US military utilized drones in Afghanistan and successfully killed Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. Zawahiri is a terrorist leader, who was among the organizer of the 9/11 terrorist attack incident, which resulted in 2,977 Americans being killed. Eventually, he was brought to justice and killed by two US Hellfire missiles in “precision air strike operations” for good.

Translator: MOS Translation Team — Jessica Loves Moon
Design&editor: HBamboo(昆仑竹)

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