Hong Kong Activists in Canada and U.S. Plan to Form Interim Parliment

As recently reported, a group of Hong Kong activists living in Canada, the United States and the UK say they will hold elections to a parliament-in-exile next year, aiming to create a democratic body to represent Hong Kongers around the globe as Beijing continues to crack down on political freedoms in the former British colony.

The event organizers announced the establishment of an “election organizing committee” in Toronto on the day to develop rules and voting systems for the parliamentary elections to be held late next year. But the plan poses a significant threat to ensuring election security and confidence. Organizers will have to protect their voting systems from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s attacks and ensure that voters personal information in Hong Kong is not compromised. Although the CCP charges any participant with inciting subversion citing national security law, organizers still hope to unite Hong Kong people everywhere and elect a parliament that will legitimately represent them. Purposely, they also want the world to know that Hong Kong people have always fought for freedom and democracy.

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