Russia Will Abandon the International Space Station After 2024

According to a report on July 26th, Russia’s new Chairman of Space Station, discussed Russia’s future role in the International Space Station, or ISS, in a meeting with President Putin. Russia will withdraw out of the ISS and is considering building its own orbitual outpost after 2024. The ISS has long been seen as a scientific collaboration between international teams after the Cold War, and it is now just the final piece of the U.S.-Russian collaboration.

 The unexpected announcement raised questions about the future of the 24-year-old space station. Some scientists said it may be very difficult to keep the station running without Russia’s involvement, or it might just be a nightmare. NASA and its partners hope the station would be running until 2030.

 NASA officials said they want confirmation directly from their Russian counterparts, and a National Security Council spokesman said the U.S. was exploring further options to deal with the Russian withdrawal.

 Fees may be one reason. With Elon Musk’s SpaceX being able to transport astronauts to the space station, Roscosmos has lost this main source of income. Russia’s announcement this time is undoubtedly trying to stir up the water in the Western sanctions and let the West ease sanctions on Russia.

 John Rogerston, founder of the George Washington University Institute, said that NASA has enough time to prepare for Russia’s withdrawal, and that rushing to withdraw without years of consideration will only show Russia’s evasion of responsibility.

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