Global Battle Continues to Expose Truth About CCP’s Covid-19

Many scientists in pursuit of scientific truth and righteousness have never given up on tracking down the origin of CCP-virus (Covid-19) amid sparse data from Communist China and have made significant breakthroughs in their research,” said Miles Guo, founder of Whistleblower Movement and co-founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC).

 Previously, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deliberately destroyed or concealed all the original information of the virus originating from Wuhan. The regime not only tried to frame the U.S. and Europe but also manipulated the World Health Organization (WHO) over virus investigation.

 The more the CCP acts to destroy the evidence of the Covid-19’s origin, the more evidence of crime emerges, inspiring more scientists and institutions to pursue truth and justice. 

 Miles Guo also revealed that according to the latest information obtained from some scientists who fled to Europe, clear evidence that the CCP deliberately released the virus was shown through the study of the genetic network analysis, transmission routes, genomic sequences of genetic mutation and reliable intelligence. 

 The information obtained includes a feasibility study report conducted by the CCP prior to the release of the virus, which tells which laboratory the virus came from, who was the executor, how the virus was released and who gave the instructions, all of which have been clarified.

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