The NFSC Has Entered a New Era of Development

In the Grand Live Broadcast on July 27th, Miles Guo talked about the New Federal State of China (NFSC) entering a new stage of development.

 Talent is an important factor for any organization to grow and develop, and the NFSC is no exception. Miles mentioned that the recent progress of our fellow fighters in all aspects has made the NFSC truly go towards the road of federalization.  

 The cooperation and negotiation of fellow fighters in Himalaya Reserve, Gfashion, Gclub, etc., as well as diplomacy with leaders of some countries in the world, made each other deeply feel the sincerity and friendship. In maintaining the interests of fellow fighters, we have broader ideas and means, neither humble nor arrogant, peaceful and reciprocal, and maximize the value and interests of the NFSC followers.

 On the other hand, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has also carried out its usual sabotage activities. Miles mentioned that the CCP most wanted to destroy the Himalaya Reserve and take away the Himalaya Coins (HCNs) from the NFSC citizens. In addition, over 1.2 million purchases of Gclub cards were rejected in Communist China, and more than 4 million families are behind these transactions. Gclub is a legal organization to take down the CCP, and it is the standing committee for the elimination of the regime, thus the CCP is deeply frightened, and naturally attacks Gclub everywhere.  

 At present, the NFSC is reviewing the HCN amounts of fellow fighters, which will make the coin more reasonably and legally distributed to every person who would sincerely take down the Chinese dictatorship, and the HCN that fails the review will remain in the alliance fund, which is the wealth that belongs to all NFSC citizens. In consideration of the current and promising future of HCN, the alliance fund will start at trillions and change managers every two years. The Rule of Law Foundation is a fund that goes to a legal platform all over the world. The money from Himalaya Reserve will be used as the founding fund of the NFSC, which will be inherited and passed on to our next generation.

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