CCP military threatens US to prevent Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

The CCP government has expressed concerns about a planned visit to Taiwan by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in August. According to reports, the CCP secretly warned U.S. government representatives about the visit in a strong manner. The warning implied that the CCP would respond militarily if Pelosi visited Taiwan as scheduled.

It was reported that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army may attempt to obstruct Pelosi’s plane landing in Taiwan, or intercept the U.S. military plane returning Pelosi to the U.S.. The White House says it is currently assessing threats, including whether the Chinese government will adopt a strategy that verges on war, hoping to force Pelosi to abandon her plans to visit Taiwan.

Many in the Biden administration, including U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and senior members of the National Security Council oppose Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Their concern is escalation of tensions in the Taiwan Strait. The White House National Security Council and the State Department have not commented on the reports, or Pelosi’s possible trip to Taiwan.

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