Miles Guo’s Grand Live Broadcast on July 20: The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s Cadres Provide Top-secret Intelligence to the West

On July 20, Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC), said in a live broadcast on Gettr live broadcast that more than 55 cadres of the Chinese People’s Liberate Army (PLA) Air Force had cooperated with the U.S. and other Western countries. They provided the PLA’s military secrets to the West.

Recently, the NFSC began whistle-blowing the top-secret intelligence of the Chinese PLA’s Air Force and disclosed its 85 cadres.

Miles revealed that over 55 of these 85 cadres had cooperated with the U.S. and the West for many years, and they all have assets overseas. Therefore, much of the PLA’s military intelligence is no secret to the West. And such surveillance and theft are common in the CCP-led PLA.

To expose the true face of the CCP to the world, Miles called out in the live broadcast that anyone who can provide the NFSC with the CCP’s top-secret military intelligence, the NFSC will guarantee their safety and give them a certain amount of HCoins or Lie Flat Coins. Those who have not yet cooperated with the West will get more rewards.

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