Whistleblower Movement to expose CCP’s evil nature of “Using common people as shields”

The confidential Military documents of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), exposed by the Whistleblower Movement led by Miles Guo, show that the CCP set up most of its military facilities under areas of kindergartens, nursing homes, hospitals, bustling city center and other public gathering areas. The CCP integrated its military sites with civilian buildings, ignoring the safety and health of the public and completely violating the spirit of international conventions.

“Using common people as shields” has always been the evil behavior of the CCP, which is denounced and condemned by people with consciousness. The whistleblower movement fellow fighters started to expose CCP’s military post’s locations in mainland China a few days ago, which scares the CCP to its spine.

CCP used common people as shields whenever there was a need. The battle of Meng Lianggu during China civil war, a famous battle recorded in CCP’s military history as a great victory, was a perfect example of how the CCP used common people as shields.

During the battle on the hillside of Meng Lianggu, CCP’s army fought with the National army. When CCP’s army started its first charge, they put a group of unarmed old men in the front. The National Army had to stop shooting, as they couldn’t bear to shoot at those bare-handed old men. These old people were all “landlords, rich peasants and counter-revolutionaries” labelled by the CCP. When the CCP’s Army charged for the second time, the National Army had to stop pulling the trigger again and dared not shoot, as a group of children were moving forward, who were the “children of landlords and rich farmers”. When the third time the CCP’s army charged, white bed sheets were seen moving forward. Just as the National Army was about to shoot, the white bed sheets suddenly fell, revealing naked young women who were the daughters and daughters-in-law of “landlords and rich farmers”. At the end the CCP won the Meng Lianggu battle, relying entirely on innocent common people’s “body shields” to block the bullets.

CCP never changes its nature during its decades of ruling in Communist China. To construct military posts hidden in the civilian area is to use common people as shields. The CCP is taking its citizen as hostage, in order to achieve its evil agenda to dominate the world. No word can describe CCP’s evilness. The whistleblower movement led by Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) will continue to expose CCP’s military construction sites hidden in the civilian areas, to alert the world and to save the millions of innocent people.

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