Communist China will be Kicked Out of the Supply Chain by the West

Miles Guo said in a GETTR video on July 23 that the 18 western nations taking part in the “2022 Supply Chain Ministerial Forum” had made the decision to exclude Communist China from the future supply chain and prevent Chinese production and trade from entering the Western supply chain.

 Miles Guo mentioned that the decision had been planned three months ago, but he did not think it would work then. However, messages from a fellow fighter who worked within the Chinese Communist Party changed Miles Guo’s judgement. The fellow warrior disclosed to Miles that the CCP had lost its right to participate in international affairs because it had learned that first- and second-class nations would no longer work with it. Instead, the CCP can only find third- and fourth-class countries to cooperate with. Mr. Guo sees this as a tragedy for the CCP and the Chinese people.

 Mr. Guo pointed out that the self-deception of the Chinese Communist Party, the disparity between the rich and the poor, the exploitation of slavery and mind control of the Chinese people, are far more than the five policies of Shang Yang during the Warring States period. Under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, Chinese people will never have the possibility of a happy life.

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