German Health Ministry is Force to Admit Vaccine Adverse Effects

The German Ministry of Health estimated that there are serious side effects in every 5,000 instances, which is leading to an increase in compensation claims. Thus, German Health Minister, Lauterbach retracted some of the previous statements, which claimed that no data of coincidence confirmed, the risks remain very low. After the actual data were made public, the public’s fury increased even further. The government had long suppressed the public by forcing them to take the defective vaccines.

Some European media outlets have exposed the potential of side effects of CCP virus vaccines, confirming the fact that the risks exist. The UK has provided some compensation to people who may have experienced CCP virus vaccine side effects. In France, the pharmacovigilance network has invited health professionals and female patients to report any changes in the menstrual cycle after vaccination.

In the past, German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach urged the public to vaccinate against CCP virus by claiming that the vaccine is harmless. After releasing the German official side effects data, public opinion of taking additional CCP virus vaccines has decreased. The Health Minister tried to defend his point by saying 0.2 reports of suspected serious reactions every 1,000 inoculations and the risk is “too low.”

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