CCP Dominating World by Controlling Energy

Putin and Khamenei’s meeting was following Xi Jinping’s approval, according to Miles Guo’s livestream on July 20th. The BRICS, the Belt and Road Initiative, and the digitalization and internationalization of the RMB are all components of the Communist Party’s global control network strategy.

By dominating the BRICS, the CCP has a tremendous impact over the main energy supply lines of the Strait of Hormuz and Malacca. The BRICS including Communist China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, with the possibility of joining Turkey and Syria. To build new oil pipelines through the Belt and Road Initiative. China is constructing new oil transportation pipes as part of the Belt and Road Initiative in order to cut off former transit routes in Eastern, Northeastern, and Western Europe as well as to reduce gas and oil energy imports from Asia and Eastern Europe.

The negotiations between Russia and Iran are being orchestrated by Communist China. The ambitions of the Chinese Communist Party to set up military facilities in these nations and in Cambodia are being supported by Russia, Iran, and Turkey. These military bases have now been discovered by Europe and America.

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