Agricultural Products Factory set up by Communist China Near US Air Force Base May Have National Security Implications

On July 19th, US senators sent a letter to the US Committee on Foreign Investors. stating that the 370 acres of farmland purchased by Communist China near a US Air Force base has potential national security implications.

It is reported that Fufeng Group of Communist China is a manufacturer of bio-fermented, corn-derived products, listed in Hong Kong. Its products include animal feed and pharmaceuticals, and most of its production facilities are located in northeastern China.

The property purchased by Fufeng Group is located approximately 12 miles from Grand Forks Air Force Base. The senators believe that Fufeng Group is highly likely to conduct surveillance or interference of the base under the direction of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and provide other cover for some missions.A report states that the base has the nation’s top intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. The location of the property purchased by Fufeng Group is particularly convenient for monitoring air traffic flow in and out of the base, as well as other related security issues.

The senators also pointed out that the CCP regime is “very strategic” about the acquisitions of overseas assets. It demonstrates CCP’s willingness to use economic lures to gain access to very important assets, such as the Sri Lankan port and the Uganda airport. The United States should be seriously concerned about CCP’s investment in locations close to sensitive sites, such as military bases around the US.

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