Lawbreaker: Paul Hastings Conducts Illegal Investigation in Violation of Judicial Procedures

On July 20, Paul Hastings LLP’s Luc A. Despin, who was recently appointed trustee in Miles Guo’s bankruptcy case, filed an objection in Connecticut court, asking the court to deny Miles Guo’s motion to discharge him as trustee.

 Trustee in a bankruptcy case is strictly required not to have any conflict of interest with the creditor and debtor. Since Miles Guo is the CCP’s greatest enemy, it is clear that Despin is in cahoots with the CCP to set up another judicial trap for Miles Guo. Miles Guo’s motion to discharge Despin as trustee contains compelling evidences of Despin’s conflict of interest, with clear facts and logic, acting entirely within the legal framework, and simply exercising his legal rights. 

 In contrast, Despin’s objection was only focused on a single point: the debtor Miles Guo had a huge fortune including but not limited to the Lady May, Maybach, private jet, full floor apartment in Manhattan’s Sherry-Netherland Hotel, luxury real estate in Connecticut and high legal fees, etc. 

 The Southern District Court of New York spent five years without clarifying Miles Guo’s assets and misjudged the case earlier this year. However, it only took Despin a few days to sort it all out and again upheld the Southern District Court’s misjudgment. 

 In the midst of a major disagreement in the Connecticut court over trustee’s appointment, Despin illegally investigated Miles Guo’s alleged assets in violation of the judicial procedure, with the objection detailing almost all of the assets involved. The best evidence of the illegal work performed by the trustee who has not been certified by reasonable judicial process.

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