Miles: Stay Away from Chinese Major Cities

In Gettr livestream and posts, Miles Guo urges people inside Communist China to stay away from large cities. In addition to the many possible utility supply problems such as water and electricity, and the food crisis shortages, it is also because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has built a large number of military facilities in down-town areas, using its people as human shields to defend against external strikes. 

 In a livestream on July 17, Miles explained the reason behind his warning. A series of top-secret documents about the command systems of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force showing that 19 command posts were built in economically flourished and densely populated eastern and southeastern cities.  

 Take for example the underground command post located in Wuhan’s Guanggu Square, where a large number of tactical fiber optic cable connections for military communication systems were built and are surrounded by dozens of universities. 

 Another example is the underground command post on Zaoyang road in Cao Yang New Village in Shanghai which is adjacent to the Zhongbei campus of East China Normal University and is located in a densely populated residential area. 

 This is a premediated plan by the Communist dictatorship to use innocent civilians as human shields by deploying its military communications facilities together with its civilian communications facilities. This is because the norm of war prohibits attacks on civilian assets such as civilian property and schools. 

 The top-secret document also disclosed the “910 Wired Electrical Communication System Project for Underground Command Posts,” which included a total of 9 command posts in Air Force’s Liancheng area requiring new construction or expansion of the communication system, the transformation of the integrated wiring system, the installation of integrated command platform equipment, the construction of necessary optical cable connections and other ancillary projects.  

 The Communist regime has always been adept at kidnapping innocent people and sacrificing them to create a humanitarian disaster in order to achieve a sustainable regime. 

 During the Battle of Hsupeng (Nov. 6, 1948 – Jan. 10, 1949), civilians were used as human shields in the attack of the Nationalist 74th Army Division, which led to the suicide of the famous Republic of China general Zhang Lingfu. 

 During the siege of Changchun (May 1948 – October 1948), the PLA prevented the civilians from leaving the city in order to exhaust the food supply of the Nationalist defenders in Changchun, while cutting off air transportation. In October, the Nationalist 60th Army and New 7th Army surrendered, due to 300,000 civilians starved to death. 

 During the Korean War (1950 – 1953), in order to brutally destroy the Nationalist Army’s surrendered troops, the CCP sent the troop into battle with insufficient food and clothing, causing so many casualties that the American people were shocked to see the battlefield footage and called it a massacre. 

 Miles has been repeatedly urging people to stay away from big cities, from military installations and more importantly, from the Chinese Communist Party.

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