Using People as Shield, CCP Hides Military Facilities under Livelihood Facilities

On July 18th, Mr. Miles Guo disclosed on Gettr the “2707” project of the Chinese Communist Air Force’s fiber-optic cable connection construction. The project contained a detailed project budget and information on the location of the cable construction in the document, revealing the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) attempt to use Laobaixing as a flesh shield to achieve its military strategic goal of destroying Taiwan and the United States.

 The CCP spent 1.5 trillion RMB to build the entire military system. Military communication optical cables were built around kindergartens, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, parks and downtown areas of cities, using civilian facilities and civilians as shields against external military strikes and protecting the CCP top leaders from the party, government, and military.

 In a disclosed picture, the fiber optic cable line runs through Wuhan’s most prosperous business district, Guanggu (Optics Valley) Square, where there are many high-rise buildings and within a 5-kilometer radius, there are more than a dozen universities gathered in the university town, as well as 13 hospitals, and these fiber optic cable base stations running through the area will be a key military target in wartime. Such laying of fiber optic cable, in the document issued in 2007, has covered 99% of the southeast coastal areas. To ensure the safety of wartime communications, the receiving and sending base stations of fiber optic cable’s signal are separate, one receiving information but not sending it, and vice versa.

 Miles Guo has said that around every military facility of the CCP, millions of Laobaixing are tied to the war chariot and used as the kidnapped target of war. But many common people are fanatical about the war against Taiwan and the United States everyday, which is worse than suicide!

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