Pompeo says the Congress should thwart CCP’s infiltration

On July 19th, the former U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said in an interview that the U.S. government and Congress should thwart CCP’s infiltration into all walks of life in America and the Biden Administration should take a strong stance.

Mr. Pompeo pointed out that it was the US’s continuing investment in Communist China and condoning CCP’s intellectual property theft in the U.S. that made CCP have resources to fund Putin’s expansion. What the U.S. should do is to take seriously the so-called Moscow-Beijing unlimited partnership that Xi Jinping and Putin jointly issued this February as well as its repercussions. The U.S. Congress should continue to improve various types of legislation to prevent CCP’s infiltration in American industries such as chip manufacturing and pork production.

Mr. Pompeo emphasized that given CCP’s widespread erosion in the U.S. and collaboration in various industries, it was necessary to understand the CCP “didn’t come to America for some good, benign and noble purposes, but they came to conduct espionage to reduce the US’s capacity to stand tall in the world”. “The U.S. had to put an end to such acts and the Congress had the capability to do that”, he added.

Analysts pointed out in the recent grand live broadcasts, Miles Guo said the Congress, rather than the government held on power in the U.S.. Pompeo’s calling for the Congress to confront CCP’s threat before the midterm election will set the tone for subsequent combat against CCP after the Republicans possibly regain control of Congress in November.

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