PLA Air Force Project 550 – Overview, Structure and Location

On July 19th, the Whistleblower Movement exposed more classified documents from the PLA Air Force, Project 550, the communication system of another underground command post.

The disclosed classified red-headed document is the No. 36 order from the PLA Air Force Command to the Air Force Military Region of Nanjing and Guangzhou, and the 15th Army Command of the Airborne Forces; the order is about the construction plan of the communication and command control system of six underground command posts, including Project 550.

In 2004, the Communications Department of the General Staff Department issued No. 673 “Command Post Communication and Command Control System Construction Project Design Task Book”, which required and ordered the Air Force Command Post Communication and Command Control System Engineering Construction Plan, requiring the construction drawing design to be completed by the end of April 2005, and the construction to be completed by Dec 2005 before its being approved of its completion.

According to Project 550’s construction design book issued in Nov 2005, the engineering construction overview stated that the Project 550 short-wave communication system consists of a centralized receiving station and a centralized sending station. The centralized receiving station is located at Project 21, which is in Wenquan Town, Haidian District, Beijing. The project has six receiving machine rooms. The receiving computer room covers an area of 124.1 square meters and can be installed with 120 information receiving machines and terminals.

The centralized sending station is located at Project 1, which is in Juli Village, Jiuduhe Town, Huairou District, Beijing. The project has five sending machine rooms. The sending machine room covers an area of 534.1 square meters. It can install 105 1000-watt transmitters and 5 10-kilowatt transmitters. The depth of the optical cable tunnels is 85, 95, 130, and 150 meters from the ground.

The documents also disclosed that Project 550’s transmission destination includes Hetian, Lasha, Wulumuqi, Kunming, Nanning, Guangzhou, Xingning, Zhangzhou, Project 910, Fuzhou, Chengdu, Dingxin, Project 113, Lanzhou, Shanghai, Skywave Radar Brigade, Nanjiang, Shenyang and Jinan.

Whistleblower Movement’s fellow fighters pointed out that both of the stations of Project 550 are located in the civilian activity area that is surrounded by residential buildings, shops, senior homes, and schools, which is as Miles Guo said, the CCP intentionally build their military command facilities close to the civilians, to use common Chinese people, including children and elderlies, as their shield from the possible military attack from the U.S. and Taiwan. CCP is the evilest military and terrorist organization in the world.

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